Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall birding at Falls Lake

After a slow start, my friend Genia and I settled in to the pier at the Hwy 50 Boat Launch to watch some herons on the shore.  We were surprised and delighted when a Belted Kingfisher landed on a railing sticking out of the water right in front of us.  She entertained us by singing and carrying on for a few minutes and sat there for quite a while before flying off.  What a little twerp!

We stalked what we thought was this gray catbird, but it looks more like a mockingbird.

Looks like a Tree Swallow--score!

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Some "chippies"

Great blue heron, I was hoping for a wood stork.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Falls Lake

Ruby crowned Kinglet?

Some sort of sparrow.  I really want it not to be a chipping sparrow.  I've seen plenty of those!

Downy woodpecker, not at Falls, in my backyard!
Tried out some of the Falls Lake Trails in the North Carolina Birding Trail guide.  Not one single bird at Sandy Point.  Some LBJ's (Little Brown Jobs, ie sparrows) and the regular suspects:  woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees.  I spotted this Ruby crowned kinglet and a sparrow of some kind.  I really want to find some warblers and sparrows (besides chipping sparrow) that I haven't seen yet.  Maybe better luck later on in the week.  I want to try out Woodpecker Ridge.  There are supposed to be lots of warblers and vireos there.