Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Murrell's Inlet, SC

Great Egret

Huntington Beach, SC

During my weekend in Myrtle Beach, I stopped at Huntington Beach State Park and Murrel's Inlet for some last week of summer birding.  I consider any birding trip a success if I see one lifer and get a decent picture.  Huntington Beach was pristine, not too crowded and an overall lovely time. I didn't make the mile walk to the jetty because of the lateness of the hour, but I would definitely return there someday in the winter and make a day of it.

Juvenile Semipalmated Plover- a lifer for me.
 I thought it was a Kildeer.  Good thing I take pictures first and ask questions later.
Breeding Ruddy Turnstone

An Osprey flew right overhead.
These two are both Sanderlings.  This one is the adult.
This is the juvey.

A tree full of Great Egrets
Tricolored Heron

Baby alligator in the manmade marsh at Huntington Beach State Park.
The mama was nearby.

Backyard Peeps

After the mild disappointment of Shelley Lake in summer, I returned home to some interesting bird behavior in my own back yard.  Just goes to show, there's no place like home.
Some juvenile Bluebirds keeping cool in the birdbath.
A deck railing is the reason for the strange cropping of this photo.

A third juvey about to take off.

It was one of those days when the only place to be was in the water--somewhere, anywhere you could find it.
This Tufted Titmouse has the right idea.  Please don't judge me for this dirty chair.

A female Ruby Throated Hummer has found my new feeder.

Summer Shelley Lake

Were we crazy tromping around in the heat at Shelley Lake in June?  I remember the heat was pretty gross and not too much birding excitement to be had, but I will post the pictures of the birds we did see.
Fish Crow 
Muscovy Hybrid

Male Kingfisher

A pair of Rough Winged Swallows