Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shelley Lake

The Wake Audubon group that went to Shelley Lake last week saw Cedar Waxwings and Solitary Sandpipers, two birds that I needed for my life list.  I went there today and did indeed see the Sandpiper.

The Orchard Orioles were back in the same tree as last spring and I did get a little clearer shot of the male this time. Why is the sky always white when I go to Shelley Lake?  Someday I will actually be in an orchard and will get a beautiful photograph of an Orchard Oriole with a bright sunny blue sky!

Friday, April 19, 2013


The theme for today at Blue Jay County Park in Raleigh is:

Can you spot the difference between these two pictures?This male Downy Woodpecker magically turned into a female.  Just kiddin'.  There was a boy and a girl.

 A quick and very lucky shot of Purple Finches that just stopped by for a second and then flew off.

 A pair of lovely blossoming trees


A pair of pictures with two differing angles of this Hermit Thrush.  Thanks for posing!.

 A pair of male Brown Headed Cowbirds struttin' their stuff atop the soccer goal.

 A breeding female Cardinal with the reddest plumage I've ever seen.  The boy was nearby, of course.

Positively identified Pine Siskin.  Has nothing to do with pairs.  I just like it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Birding in Florida Again

It's been a relatively slow spring birding season (for me, anyway) in North Carolina this year partly due to the iffy weather and my birding partner being laid up after gall bladder surgery.  So what a joy to add some birds to my life list from a short Spring Break vacation to Florida's west coast.  It never ceases to amaze--as many times as I've been down there (I lived there for 25 years, for cryin' out loud), 
I always see something new.  

Surprise!  The one that almost got away--a Roseate Spoonbill flying over my in-laws neighborhood in Pasco County.
I had forgotten about this one until I uploaded the pictures from my camera.
Haven't seen one of these on the ground yet.

Common Moorhen
Yes, they're common, but I've never seen one before!  

American Coot
This was a total surprise that came from randomly snapping pictures of anything that looks like a bird.
Take pictures first, ask questions later--that's my motto.

Black Necked Stilt
I was hoping for one of these!

At long last--White Pelicans!
I knew I had seen these growing up in Florida, but didn't have any photographic proof--until now!
Thanks to the Sarasota Audubon guy at Celery Fields for telling me where to find these guys!

Ruddy Turnstone at Siesta Beach

Blue Winged Teals at Celery Fields

White Ibis in a tree at Ringling Museum.  Not a lifer, but an interesting shot!

Snowy Plover