Friday, April 19, 2013


The theme for today at Blue Jay County Park in Raleigh is:

Can you spot the difference between these two pictures?This male Downy Woodpecker magically turned into a female.  Just kiddin'.  There was a boy and a girl.

 A quick and very lucky shot of Purple Finches that just stopped by for a second and then flew off.

 A pair of lovely blossoming trees


A pair of pictures with two differing angles of this Hermit Thrush.  Thanks for posing!.

 A pair of male Brown Headed Cowbirds struttin' their stuff atop the soccer goal.

 A breeding female Cardinal with the reddest plumage I've ever seen.  The boy was nearby, of course.

Positively identified Pine Siskin.  Has nothing to do with pairs.  I just like it.

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