Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Huntington Beach, SC

During my weekend in Myrtle Beach, I stopped at Huntington Beach State Park and Murrel's Inlet for some last week of summer birding.  I consider any birding trip a success if I see one lifer and get a decent picture.  Huntington Beach was pristine, not too crowded and an overall lovely time. I didn't make the mile walk to the jetty because of the lateness of the hour, but I would definitely return there someday in the winter and make a day of it.

Juvenile Semipalmated Plover- a lifer for me.
 I thought it was a Kildeer.  Good thing I take pictures first and ask questions later.
Breeding Ruddy Turnstone

An Osprey flew right overhead.
These two are both Sanderlings.  This one is the adult.
This is the juvey.

A tree full of Great Egrets
Tricolored Heron

Baby alligator in the manmade marsh at Huntington Beach State Park.
The mama was nearby.

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