Sunday, December 15, 2013

Duck Hunting

Recently I was getting my car serviced and I noticed the service manager had several ducks mounted on the wall of his office.  We had a lively discussion and he identified the birds he had hunted.  It got me thinking about doing some "hunting" of my own, only with a Nikon camera instead. Since it's duck hunting season in North Carolina, it's probably not a good idea to be out there unless you're wearing orange.  Instead, I thought I'd hunt through my photos of ducks and get a good list of the ones I've bagged.

This is a good time to give a plug for Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park in Scotland Neck, North Carolina as many of these ducks were seen there.  It's a neat place and you're guaranteed to see some birds there ; ) ha ha.

Just for the sake of brevity, I'll only list North American species here, and no geese or swans.  Or Muscovy Ducks. They can get their own post at a later date.

American Goldeneye

Blue Winged Teals at the NC Zoo


Cape Teal

Cinnamon Teal
Female Cinnamon Teal

Mr. Mallard

Northern Shelduck

Mottled Ducks, Sarasota, Florida

Lesser Scaup--a whole flock of them in the Atlantic Ocean off of Neptune Beach, Jacksonville, Florida

Red Bellied Whistling Duck, Sarasota, Florida in the canal behind my brother's house

Baer's Pochard

Pied Billed Grebe--is a Grebe considered a duck?

Tufted Duck


American Wood Duck--ain't he a beauty?

Fulvous Whistling Duck

Ringed Teal

Puna Teal
American Coot in Sarasota, Florida

Blue Winged Teal

Ring Necked Duck 
Another Northern Pintail.  I love the way he's standing. Reminds me of the children's book, "Make Way for Ducklings".

Radjah Shelduck
Puna Teal

Ringed Teal, Safari Park, Virginia

Rosy Billed Duck

Ruddy Duck

White Headed Duck

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