Friday, May 6, 2011

Bird count today

Spotted three wild turkeys in a field on the way to Louisburg Walmart.  I heard that today is the last day of hunting season for them.  There is a very loving couple of cardinals at my feeder lately.  Saw and heard the wrens out there making their racket.  Doves, of course, are everywhere.  I refilled my feeders with Safflower seed.  The squirrels don't care for it, but they will empty out a feeder just because they can.  They have learned my squirrel proof feeder--they hang by their toes so the shield doesn't come down over the seed.  Little boogers.  Haven't seen many squirrels lately.  They must be having their babies right now.  I'm sure they will be back in droves.  Speaking of coming back, there is still no sign of the hummers.  I am perplexed by them every year.  They come to the feeders pretty early then by late spring, they disappear.  I always think my nectar has gone rancid or they don't like the feeders for some reason.  I read that they are just too busy laying, hatching, and taking care of babies.  They just don't have time to come to the feeders, but they will be back!

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