Thursday, May 5, 2011

Duke Forest Sightings

Here is the first of my birding excursions to be included in this blog!  I went to the Shepherd's Trail at Duke Forest today on the way home from band practice in Durham.  There were a lot of birds there, but none really close enough for photos.  I saw the usual Cardinals, Chickadees, and Tufted Titmouse.  There were a lot of vultures and I saw one hawk very high up.  I think I spotted a Common Yellowthroat!  Nothing but a very blurry photo of a yellow and black smudge to document it, though!  I did get this photo of an Eastern Towhee in a tree.  It won't replace the one I took at the Raleigh Arboretum last fall.  They are both blurry, but that's the best I could do.  Wish my friend Genia had been with me.  She is the bird call expert.  She would have heard plenty of "Sweet. Drink your tea," and "Chuck, whichity whichity which," and others that I forget.  Next week I'm going to try the Korstian Division which is right across the street from the guitar player's subdivision.  Eno River State Park is also very close.  Usually, I deem a birding excursion a success if I get a decent picture of one bird or butterfly I have never seen before.  That didn't happen but, I'm pretty sure about the Yellowthroat, so I'll cut myself a break today.  It will just have to be the "one that got away."

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