Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Florida Birding in Summer? Augh!

Now I can't say I had high expectations for seeing much on our summer (okay, technically it was early June) trip to Florida.  Even at 7 am it's "hotter than road tar" outside, but I still had my secret birding desires and some were realized.  I saw a Roseate Spoonbill flying overhead crossing the causeway to Neptune Beach in Jacksonville!  No photo to back it up, but a thrill nonetheless.  I saw dozens of Swallowtail Kites up and down the highway, but it's difficult to get a shot in a moving vehicle.  So those, you will just have to take my word for!

I just got through saying I'd probably never photograph a barn swallow since I've seen hundreds of them and never seen one touch down before.  But here at a rest area in South Carolina, a bunch of them were sitting atop the
snack machine kiosk.  Pretty spectacular picture, but that overcast sky again.  

Here's another bird I've probably seen a million times, but really wanted to photograph:  a Cattle Egret (cows nearby).  
Anhinga-first decent picture of another bird I've seen a million times.

Boy, oh boy, a Loggerhead Shrike!  This was totally unexpected and a new one for my life list!

Red Bellied Whistling Ducks.
Now I've seen these before in captivity, but these were in a
canal behind my brother's house.  And I heard them whistle!

Very elusive bird- a Rail of some kind in the marsh in Savannah, Georgia.

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