Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Last Hurrah of Spring Birding @Shelley Lake

This was our second trip to Shelley Lake to see the elusive Warbling Vireo (which I never photographed, by the way--I'm claiming it as a sighting anyway).  My pictures of the Orchard Oriole were better this time, but that overcast white sky still wreaked havoc on my camera.

Some other interesting sightings:
This Great Crested Flycatcher flying back and forth with his mate/friend/offspring was a treat.

Always fun to see a Kingfisher.  Here's a male this time.

Female Shiny Cowbird

Eastern Kingbird

Now living in Florida, I must've seen a half a dozen herons a day for 25 years, but never in the top of a pine tree!

I have a thing for duckies.

Song Sparrow

Not sure about this sparrow.  Short tail, pink legs, and a yellow beak, hmmm.

And the ubiquitous Towhee.  Nice female here. They are not easy to photograph.

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